Get Rid Of Acne Super Fast

April 21, 2012 by David King  
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If you want to get rid of acne quickly you need to know the root cause of the acne in order to reverse it and to help your skin become healthy again. If you have acne it is because you are feeding the growth of it and sustaining it with your current diet and skin care products. In order to clear up your skin you need to first understand that you are causing it and take responsibility for that.

Once you take responsibility the path to getting clear skin becomes much easier because you know exactly what you need to do in order to progress and clear up your skin. In this article, you will learn multiple things that you can begin to do to clear up your acne naturally from home. I highly recommend that you take action on these, implement them and see the benefit. These few things I will share with you in this article will really go a long way in clearing up your skin so put them to good use.

The first thing that’s very important for clearing up your skin is to drink a lot of water, water is a crucial nutrient for your body. It not only balances your body out but it also hydrates the skin and helps flush toxins out of the body that may cause acne as well. This is a very important thing to do in order to clear up your skin. If you are dehydrated it make’s it 10 times harder to clear up your skin. Water goes so far, so drink more of it and reduce drinks such as coffee, energy drinks and sodas.

I recommend that you eat more fruits and vegetables for clear skin. This is also very important because fruits and vegetables contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins that work to keep the skin healthy and clear. If you are not getting these crucial nutrients in your diet then your skin won’t do what it needs to do in order to stay clear. A builder cannot build a house without nails, hammer and materials. Your skin cannot rebuild itself properly without the correct nutrition.

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Zenmed Review

April 15, 2012 by David King  
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In this article today I am going to review zenmed. Zenmed is an acne treatment product by a company that claims to have natural acne treatment products. In this article you will learn what I discovered and what I do and do not recommend from this company. I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about acne and the different treatment products that you can use to treat acne so hopefully this should help you out some.

First things first, when I went to the zenmed site I went to look at the products and the ingredients for those products. The reason why finding out the ingredients of the products is very important is because you are putting these products on your skin and what you put in your skin get’s in your pores and body. If you want to clear up your acne and get beautiful skin again you need to use products that don’t have a reaction on the skin. Many people have sensitive skin that reacts but even if you don’t have sensitive skin your skin will still react to anything that’s put on it, that’s it’s job! it’s a protective organ.

Unfortunately many acne products and treatments contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, propylene glycol and sulfates which are harsh and often cause more acne, breakouts and interact with other ingredients that come into contact with your skin causing cosmetic acne. The first thing I found out when I went to research zenmeds products was that one of them contained propylene glycol as well as a few others. I don’t reocommend any products containing this because it’s not natural and will cause problems on the skin.

This isn’t that horrible though because I have come across acne products that contain all of the above and this is the worst product you could possibly use, it would be better to use nothing in my opinion. So as far as zenmed’s skin care line they aren’t the best and they aren’t the worst but they aren’t great. I have found better skin care products that will benefit your skin and clear up the acne better. Zenmed does have a supplement that contains neem and other beneficial nutrients for clearing up the skin though so I do recommend that.

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David “The Skin” King

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Clear Acne With Tea

April 6, 2012 by David King  
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Many americans and people from north america wonder if tea causes acne. Tea has quite a range of health benefits but at the same time can cause problems. You cannot lump a whole category of foods or drinks into good or bad but you can disect and see which parts are good and bad. As far as tea goes, most tea is made from barely any actual herbs and roots and there is a lot of sugars or sweeteners added.

It’s important to understand this so that you can distinguish the low quality sugar tea from the high quality organic tea. High quality organic tea on the other hand can actually benefit your skin because of the healing properties of the roots and herbs contained within the tea. Green tea is a great tea for acne because of what it does in the body as well as many other tea’s.

Tea that is high quality generally cleanses the body and helps flush toxins out of the body and skin which cause acne breakouts. I recommend drinking high quality green tea or any other organic tea without sugar added. You can sweeten the tea with stevia which is an herb that sweetens it that doesn’t raise your blood sugar which is good for keeping your skin clear and stable. Stevia actually helps other things in the body as well which help to clear up acne too, it is anti-bacterial as well as a bood sugar balancer.

Tea cleanses the colon, liver and helps remove impurities and toxins which when are not removed become stagnant then float around the body trying to escape then they just try to escape from your pores. I recommend drinking tea if you can, 1 cup a day or more is great for the skin’s health and to keep it clear of acne, pimples and breakouts. You can even drink 2 or 3 cups of tea a day, just make sure that it is organic, high quality and has no sugar added because this has opposite effects on the skin.

I hope you learned something in this article and use it to clear up your skin!

David “The Skin” king

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How To Cure Acne At Home Now

March 8, 2012 by David King  
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Curing acne at home is much easier than you’d think. The dermatologists and doctors of this world don’t want you to think so because they have too many creams and pills to sell you but when you really address your health and body and listen to it you would be surprised how easy it is to clear up your skin naturally from home. When you address your diet and understand how your skin works you will begin to cler it up with the right diet.

I had acne for 5 years on and off and hated every minute of it and realized that no one was going to cure my acne but me. I tried proactiv and many other skin care products and acne treatment systems during this time but I found nothing worked for me. I learned that my acne was being caused by my diet internally and that throwing chemicals on my skin externally wouldn’t do much.

Finally I started to adapt and change my diet to clear up my skin and it began working. I saw changes in my skin and I also felt better, had more energy and had a clearer more focused mind. If you have acne or any other skin care condition then I really recommend that you focus on eating as many raw organic fruits and vegetables as you can because these contain enzymes, vitamins and minerals that work to keep your skin clear.

Next I recommend that you drink more water on a daily basis. This hydrates your skin and keeps it clear and healthy. This also cleanses toxins and other things out of the body that will cause breakouts. You should also use natural skin care products that are paraben and sulfate free instead of traditional skin care products because traditional skin care products contain things that cause further breakouts. Some great things to try are aloe vera, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and vitamin E.

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Get Rid Of Acne Naturally Now

September 27, 2011 by David King  
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Acne is a frustrating skin condition to deal with but it’s important to understand that your mental attitude is important to keep positive emotional state and belief system as well. When your mindset and belief system is positive and open-minded it allows you to be more effective in the acne treatments that you pursue. The skin care products and treatments that you use are important but if you don’t have the effective belief system than nothing else matters.

The first thing I recommend anyone do that has acne is to drink more water. Most people that have acne are dehydrated and need to drink more water. I recommend drinking purified or spring water instead of tap water because these sources of water are purer and are free of fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals that can easliy cause more problems in the body. Water hydrates the body and the internal organs as well as the skin organ as well which moisturizes it and gives it the nutrition it needs to be healthy and clear.

The next thing that I recommend you do is to address your diet. Your diet is extremely important and will cause your skin to break out in pimples if you don’t have enough nutrition in your diet. I recommend eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis in order to get the nutrition that your body and skin need. Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals which heal and replenish the skin which your body needs to stay clear and get rid of acne.

The final thing that I recommend you do is to use all natural skin care and cosmetic products. I recommend using products that are paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol free. When you put products on your skin that contain chemicals and toxins they cause problems with your skin and body overall.

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David “The Skin” King

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